Helping Hartford residents in their journey to become homeowners by reviewing current policies, hosting educational talks, and creating better programs to support this goal.


Did you know your living conditions can affect your health? Though Connecticut thrives, Hartford faces challenges, particularly among its residents of color. Here's the concern: people in Hartford often have shorter lifespans and more health issues than elsewhere in the state.

What's the solution? Homeownership! Owning a home provides stability and well-being, leading to better health. "The Welcome Home Project" aims to boost homeownership in Hartford!

Home Ownership Supports Improved Health Outcomes

  • Security & safety
  • Wealth building
  • Community
  • Sense of responsibility and control

Resources, Guides, and Useful Links

Homeownership Assistance Programs and Resources: Click Here>>

Below is a list of organizations that provide various forms of assistance for the purpose of homeownership. 

Down Payment Assistance Programs

City of Hartord - Divison of Housing
Program:  HouseHartford Homebuyer Assistance Program
Description:  A HUD funded program that offers down payment assistance for Low/moderate-income families purchasing 1-4 family homes and condominiums in Hartford. Homebuyers may qualify for up to 20% of the purchase price of down payment assistance. Maximum assistance is $40,000. 

Contacts: Celina Caez and Whyon Robinson
Phone: 860-757-9028/ 860-757-9030
Website:             https://ww>

Housing Development Fund (HDF)

Program:  SmartMove CT & NY
Description:  Enables CT homebuyers to purchase homes with as little as 1% down. Borrowers avoid mortgage insurance and benefit from lower monthly payments. First time homebuyers may qualify for up to $25,000 of down payment and/or closing costs assistance in select areas of Connecticut and New York. 
Program:  Live Where You Work
Description: Live Where You Work is a program designed to help Connecticut homebuyers buy their first home in the same town where they work ‐ reducing commutes, and increasing time spent with family. ‐ LWYW is a 30‐year, 0% loan for up‐to $25,000 for down payment or closing costs.
Program:  HDF Homeownership Equity Fund CT
Description: If you’re a Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color (BIPOC) first‐time homebuyer purchasing a home in Connecticut, you may be eligible for up to an additional $20,000 at 0% down‐payment assistance. 

Phone: 203‐969‐1830
Website: https://hdf>

Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA)

Program:             Down Payment Assistance Program (DAP)

Description:         Supplementary loans at below‐market interest rates for eligible borrowers of home loans who are unable to raise sufficient funds to pay the upfront expenses associated with purchasing a home. 

Program: Time To Own ‐ Forgivable Down Payment Assistance

Program:       Time To Own ‐ Forgivable Down Payment Assistance Description: For a limited time, CHFA will offer the Time To Own ‐ Forgivable Down Payment Assistance loan to help alleviate potential homebuyers' inability to cover the down payment and closing costs required to purchase their first home. Administered by CHFA on behalf of the CT Department of Housing, the Time To Own loan is available to eligible homebuyers in conjunction with a CHFA first mortgage loan. Eligible homebuyers may also take advantage of the CHFA Down Payment Assistance (DAP) loan, in addition to the Time To Own ‐ Forgivable Down Payment Assistance loan Program.

Contact:               Customer Service  

Phone:                  860‐571‐3502


Website:               https://ww>

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA)

Program:             NACA Mortgqage

Description:         Provides affordable homeownership with a focus on low‐ to moderate‐income people and 

communities. There is no eligibility limitation based on one's income, credit score or other criteria as long as 

the Member meets the eligibility criteria. These criteria allow NACA to meet its mission without limiting participation based on income. NACA mortgage benefits: 

No down payment 

No closing costs 

No hidden fees 

No mortgage insurance 

Contacts: Member Services Phone: 425‐602‐6222 

Website:               http://www>

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Program:             Home Loan Guaranty Program

Description:         Assists Veterans in obtaining mortgage loans from private lenders by 

guaranteeing a portion of the loan against loss. In administering VA Home Loan Guaranty benefits, VA is the direct contact for the lending, appraising, and building communities and for Veterans with questions or concerns about their home loan benefit.  

Phone:                  1-877-827-3702


Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliane, Inc. (NINA)

Program:             Homebuyer Initiative Program


Provides financial incentives to employees of Aetna, The Hartford, The MetroHartford Alliance, and Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center to purchase a home. 

Contact:               HIP Manager

Phone:                  860‐244‐9390

Website:               http://www>

Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA)

Program:              Homebuyer Initiative Program

Description:        Provides financial incentives to employees of Hartford Hospital, 

Trinity College and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to purchase a home.  

Contact:         Linda Valentin Phone:            860‐493‐1618 ext. 101 

Website:               http://www>

Homebuyer Education and Counseling Providers

Community Renewal Team, Inc. 

Address:               330 Market St, Hartford, Connecticut, 06120-2901

Contact:               Eileen Feliciano

Phone:                  860-560-4210


Contact:               Herman Gibson

Phone:                  860-761-2381


Website:               http://crtct>.org

Agency ID:          84080

Counseling           Group Counseling, Internet Counseling, Other Counseling, Phone 

Method:               Couseling, Video Conference, Face to Face Counseling 

Counseling Services:


Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counseling, PrePurchase Counseling, Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Workshops, 

Financial, Budgeting, and Credit Workshops, Services for Homeless 

Counseling, Home Improvement and Rehabilitation Counseling

English and Spanish 

Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, Inc.

Address:              95 Niles St, Hartford, Connecticut, 06105-2305

Contact:               Anita Rojas

Phone:                 860-206-5266


Website:               https://ww>

Agency ID:          84449

Counseling     Group Counseling, Internet Counseling, Other Counseling, Phone Method:         Counseling, Video Conference, Face to Face Counseling

Counseling          Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counseling, Pre-

Services:              Purchase Counseling, Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Workshops, 

Financial Management/Budget Counseling, Rental Housing Counseling 

Languages:          English and Spanish 

Urban League of Greater Hartford, Inc. 

Address:               140 Woodland St, Hartford, Connecticut, 06105-1210

Contact:               Hazel Jones

Phone:                 860‐527‐0147  ext. 283 


Contact:               Dawn Davis

Phone:                 860-728-4295


Website:              http://ulgh>.org/

Agency ID:          80742


Phone Counseling Method:

Counseling          Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counseling, Pre-

Services:              Purchase Counseling, Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Workshops, 

Financial Management/Budget Counseling, Rental Housing 

Counseling, Rental Housing Workshops, Resolving/Preventing 

Mortgage Delinquency Workshops Languages:    English

Neighborhood Housing Services of New Britain

Address:               223 Broad Street, New Britain, Connecticut, 06053

Contact:               Lucretia Jones

Phone:                  860‐224‐2433


Website:               https://ww>

Counseling            Group Counseling, Phone Counseling, Video Conference, Face to Face 

Method:               Counseling

Counseling           Financial Coaching, Rental Coaching, Foreclosure Prevention 

Services:         Coaching, Pre-Purchase Coaching, Landlord Essentials workshop, Rental Survival Workshop, First-Time Homebuyers Workshop, Financial Fitness Workshop Languages:           English and Spanish

NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corportation of America) Hartford CT

Address:               241 Main St Fl 1, Hartford, Connecticut, 06106-1897

Phone:                  203-562-6220



Agency ID:          84366


Phone Counseling, Video Conference, Face to face Counseling Method:

Counseling     Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counseling, PreServices:   Purchase Counseling, Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Workshops, 

Languages:          English and Spanish

Foreclosure Prevention Programs

Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA)

Program:             Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program

Description:         A loan from EMAP can help cover past due as well as a portion of 

Contact:               Customer Service

Phone:                  860-571-3500



Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America

Program:             Home Save Program 

Description:         For homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage, provides affordable solutions. Whether you cannot afford your monthly payments or your ARM has skyrocketed, NACA will help you achieve economic stability while keeping your home.  

Contact:         Home Save Department Phone:            425‐ 602‐6222 ext 3 


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Program:             Foreclosure Assistance

Description:         Works with loan servicers to help Veterans avoid foreclosure.

Phone:                  1‐877‐827‐3702

Website:               https://ww>‐assistance/home‐loans/trouble‐making‐pa yments/

Home Improvement and Repair Programs 

The City of Hartford - Division of Housing Program: The Housing Preservation Loan Fund Description:

Provides low interest loans to homeowners for improvements and repairs.

Contacts:                Celina Caez, Senior Project Manager / Beayanka Pinckney Naraine, Senior 

Phone:                  860-757-9035 / 860-757-9022


Allowable       Roof, gutters, chimney, furnace, hot water heater, sidewalk, driveway, Improvements: siding, windows, doors, exterior painting, front/rear porches, etc.

The City of Hartford – Health and Human Services Department

Program:              Lead Hazard Remediation Program

Description:        Provides grant funds to homeowners interested in managing lead paint hazards to make homes lead-safe.

Contacts:             Arlene Robertson, Project Manager/Olga Castellanos, Administrative Analyst

Phone:                  860-757-4768 / 860-757-4721


Allowable       Windows, front/rear porches, interior/exterior painting, doors, trim, siding Improvements: (any painted and leaded surfaces).

Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program

Program:              Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program

Description:        The CCHHP Project will provide education for families and property owners, assess homes for lead paint hazards, and provide funding to make homes lead-safe.

Contacts:             Natalie Knight, Administrative assistant / Rosa Alvarado, Referral Coordinator

Phone:                  860-837-6241 / 860-837-6234


Allowable             Windows, interior/exterior painting, front/rear porches, doors, trim, siding 

Improvements: (any painted and leaded surfaces)

Capital For Change (C4C)

Program:       Connecticut Housing Investment Fund, Inc Description:

Financing to assist individuals, organizations, and developers purchase, rehabilitate, or construct homes for low- and moderate-income families

Contact:               Customer Service

Phone:                  1-800-992-3665 / 860-233-5165


Allowable       Home improvements and repairs, energy efficiency upgrades, moderate to Improvements: extensive rehabilitation, and new construction activities are permitted.

Rebuilding Together Hartford, Inc

Program:             Emergency Repair Fund

Description:   Providing free critical home repairs to homeowners in the city of Hartford. Priority is placed on older Adults, People with disability, veterans, and family with children. Contacts:

Nadia Ayad, Operations Manager / Raymond Da Rosa, Program Manager

Phone:                  860-757-9425 / 860-757-9427



Leaky pipes, smoke detectors, handyman repairs, boilers, hot water heaters, Improvements: railings, wheelchair ramps, gutters, doors, lighting, bathroom fixtures, etc.

Community Renewal Team (CRT)

Program:             Weatherization

Description:        Helps low-income customers (renters or owners) with conservation services that safely lower electrical use, reduces home heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, conserve hot water, and provide for energy efficient lighting. 

Contact:               Weatherization

Phone:                  860-560-5354

Website:               http://www>

Allowable             Weather-stripping, caulking, insulation, energy efficient lighting, window 

Improvements: repair or replacements, etc

The Hartford Community Loan Fund

Program:              Construction Rehab Loan Program

Description:        Provides loans starting at $50,000 for the purchase and/or rehabilitation of residential properties within Connecticut. Mixed use properties are also eligible.

Contacts:             Norma Cruz-Mathis 860-471-0291 / Calvin Richardson

Phone:                  860—296-7005-EXT: 3012 860-296-7005 EXT: 3004




The Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity

Program:             A Brush with Kindness

Description:           A Brush with Kindness (ABWK) is a program that assists low-income families 

in repairing and renovating their homes so they can continue to live in safe, decent homes. We focus on assisting elderly, veteran families and those with limited mobility. 

Contacts:              Guirlene Morales, Tracy Thomas, Director of Family Services

Phone:                  860-541-2213 / 860-541-2215


Allowable       A Brush with Kindness projects include painting, landscaping, weatherization Improvements: and minor repair services.

Connecticut Green Bank

Description:        Connecticut Green Bank offers green energy solutions to home, building and multifamily property owners, residential and commercial contractors, towns and cities, and even capital providers. Learn more about programs and select the one that’s right for you.

Contact:               Staff

Phone:                  860-563-0015

Website:               http://www>

The Metropolitan District (MDC)

Program:              Water and Sewer Service Installation Program

Description:        Program offers homeowners an option to finance installing and renewing or rehabilitating the water or sewer pipes that run from the property line to their homes. The MDC pays the installation or repair costs and the homeowner repays the MDC through an added charge on the water bill. Homeowners approved for the programs can choose to repay the MDC over a span of either 15 or 20 years with interest.

Program:              Backwater Valve Program

Description:        If you experience basement flooding during wet weather events, you may qualify for the MDC Backwater Valve Program. The program separates the inflow and infiltration from your homes footing and foundation drains and roof leader connections to the sanitary sewer system. The removal of these connections is paramount to the reduction of surcharging and flooding events for the future.

Contacts:             MDC’s Utility Services Department

Phone:                  860-278-7850 ext. 3780


Website:               https://the>

Connecticut Efficient Healthy Homes Initiative Program: Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund Description:

Provides energy, health and safety upgrades for homeowners and renters.

Contact:               Staff

Phone:                  1-877-947-3873

Website:               http://www>

Allowable       Weather-stripping, caulking, insulation, energy efficient lighting, smoke and Improvements: carbon monoxide detectors, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and ventilation.

Historic Tax Credits, State Historic Preservation Office

Description:        Provides a thirty percent tax credit, up to $30,000 per dwelling unit, for the rehabilitation of 1-4 family buildings. After completion of rehabilitation work, one unit must be owner-occupied for a period of five years. Requires a minimum of $25,000 in qualified rehabilitation expenditures to qualify. Building must be listed on the National or State. Register of Historic Places. The owner must submit applications to the CCT for approval prior to the start of rehabilitation work.

Contact:               Mary Dunne, Certified Local Government & Grants Coordinator

Phone:                  860-500-2356


State Historic Structures Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program Description:

A tax credit for the conversion of historic commercial, industrial, institutional, former government buildings, cultural building, or residential property of more than four (4) units to residential use, including rental or condominium units. Partial tax credits are available for buildings converted to mixed residential and nonresidential uses. Accepts Rolling Applications.

Program Specifics:

•       25% tax credit of the total qualified rehabilitation expenditures.

•       Qualified rehabilitation expenditures are hard costs associated with rehabilitation of the certified 

historic structure; site improvements and non-construction costs are excluded.

•       State tax credits may be combined with the 20% federal historic preservation tax credits provided 

the project qualifies under federal law as a substantial rehabilitation of depreciable property as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Contact:               Julie Carmelich

Phone:                  860-500-2362



CT Trust for Historic Preservation

Description:        Pre-development grants, rehabilitation grants and technical advice, depending on funding availability.

Contact:               Brad Schide

Phone:                  860-463-0193


This document consists of programs throughout the State. Most of these programs are run by an entity not affiliated with the City of Hartford and their appearance on this list does not 

constitute an endorsement by the City of their program. This is not an exhaustive list of funding sources. As the City is made aware of other residential funding opportunities, they will be listed here. 


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