Brand Guidelines

City of Hartford Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Branding, Logos and Fonts 

Using the DHHS brand consistently will raise the Department's awareness, value, and visibility by reassuring people in the community that their health department is working to protect their health and safety. The logo was introduced by NACCHO in 2006 to create a national identity for public health departments. The consistent visual symbol builds public awareness and makes our work and personnel more visible in the communities we serve. 

DHHS Official Name

The City of Hartford Department of Health and Human Services is the official name. Other acceptable names and abbreviations include:

  • Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • DHHS
  • the Department

    The Symbol

    The three-pointed shield and stylized plus symbol illustrate the tagline: prevention, promotion, and protection. These icons have universal recognition associated with health, protection, and growth. The three-point symmetry reinforces the three core functions of public health.

    The Tag Line

    The tagline is a simple, elegant statement about what public health does and what public health achieves. Prevent. Promote. Protect. It is a phrase that embraces everything public health accomplishes and communicates it simply, differentiating public health as both a sentinel and responder.


  • Preferred Brand Logo: The blue and Khaki version is the preferred brand logo and should be used whenever possible.
  • One-Color Logo Options: Single-color versions in black, blue, or white are available for special situations.
Download Instructions

All logos files are available for download by clicking here.

  • EPS (Use for print and Vector/Illustrator) 
  • PNG/SVG for web (transparent background)
  • JPG for print or web (white background)
Logo Usage Rules
  • Space: Ensure plenty of space around the logo (a minimum of .25"); white space is needed for readability.
  • Scaling: Always scale the logo proportionally, holding down the shift key when resizing.
  • Minimum Size: Do not use the logo smaller than 1" wide to maintain readability.
  • Effects: Do not add drop shadows or glow effects.
  • Color:  Only use the approved colors. Blue and brown, blue only, black only, and white.
Appropriate and Inappropriate Uses
  • The DHHS logo can be used for informational materials about DHHS, programs, partnerships, events, and approved activities.

  • The logo must not be used to influence legislation, engage in partisan political activities, or in any way intended to influence the outcome of any public office election.

  • The logo should not be rearranged, altered or changed by adding or deleting elements or changing font type or color. The following recommendations of use will help maintain consistency of logo appearance across all local public health departments.

  • Do not place the logo on a dark or highly textured surface that will cause poor visibility and distortion. Do not use second-generation artwork such as a photocopy or cut and paste a logo from previously printed materials. See
    Figure 5.
Crowding the Logo
  • The logo should stand alone with adequate space around it. It should not be boxed, shaded nor have other elements placed closely to it. Do not print anything over the logo. See Figure 6.


Foreign Elements
  • Additional figures, graphics, photos or clip art should not be used as part of the logo. No symbols or words may be added. See Figure 7.
Screens and Shadows
  • Do not print the logo as a fainter, less opaque version. Shadows should not be added. See Figure 8. Positioning Do not position the logo on a diagonal or any baseline. The logo should be used in total and should not be allowed to bleed (run off) the printed page or framework. Figure 9.


Were chosen because of their longstanding connection with public health and health in general. They symbolize the legacy and steadfast qualities of public health.

Primary Colors

  • Color Logo
    Blue  #002b5c  C: 100%  Y: 35%  M:88%  K: 30%  Pantone 648c
    khaki #bc955c  C: 26%    Y: 73%  M:40%  K: 3%.   Pantone 7562c
  • White
  • Black

Accent Colors: Other colors from the color palette may be used as accents.



  • The font type that should be used for titles is BookmanOld Style bold and subtitlesregular.
  • For copy Helvetica.

Social Media

The Department is active on the following social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • X (Twitter)
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Use the hashtags #HARTFORDDHHS and #HEALTHYHARTFORD to tag the Department on social media.


Hartford Health and Human Services

131 Coventry Street
Hartford, CT 06112

Contact Info
(860) 757-4700


Sunday Closed
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM–5:00 PM
Saturday Closed