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Keney Park

Keney Park (1896) is one of the largest public parks in New England with 693.6-acres. The park’s natural look was designed as a series of typical regional landscapes, including meadows, forests and an 18-hole Keney Golf Course. Fishing is permitted at Waltermere Pond during the fishing season.


Park Amenities

Pond House and reservoir

Keney Park Pond is a reservoir is where in the middle of a city fishermen will find a variety of fish including catfish, bullhead, largemouth bass, pickerel, and perch. The pond house is available to residents for event rentals and the place where many community events happen throughout the year.

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Getting Active Tips & Tools

Being active makes you feel good! Think better sleep, improved moods, a fitter body and stronger muscles - the benefits are endless. 

Start moving by making small changes

However you choose to move, it’s all good for your health and wellbeing.

Making small changes to your routine by including small bursts of activity throughout your day all adds up and makes it easier to stay active. So whether it’s a 10-minute seated or yoga workout in the morning, a bike ride, walking your dog or walking during your lunch break at work, playing with your children, or even moving when talking on the phone – every little helps to start improving your health.

Build new habits

Repeat the activities you enjoy daily and keep trying new activities that motivate you.

Doing your activities at the same time every day can help you build activity into your routine. Regularly taking the time to recognize how what you’re doing is helping you to meet your goals can also help to create a habit.


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